CState Consulting

Creating Symbiotic Relationships

CState is a program within CSU’s College of Business that allows students to learn the fundamentals of consulting while serving real-life clients. Our program provides value added on both ends: students leave with a valuable experience and clients receive world-class business advice for virtually no cost at all. In addition, the students and clients have just added each other to their professional network, which opens the door for further employment or mentorship.

Students: Jumpstart your college career

“The Consulting Practicum has provided me with an experience that no other undergraduate course has afforded me. The opportunity to complete real work for a real client has given me incredible insight into the consulting world.”

Clients: Gain perspective while giving back

“Its an amazing program because I am gaining immediate value from the students, but I can also see them learning throughout the process.”

Consulting Practicum

Do you find yourself daydreaming about creative solutions or do you get excited to solve difficult problems? Are you a self-starter and ready to jump into the consulting industry? Most importantly, do are you ready to get more out of your college education? If this sounds like you, the Consulting Practicum may be an excellent fit. 

The Consulting Practicum breaks students into consulting teams, allowing them to provide consulting services for a real business throughout the course of a semester. Students have a preference on which businesses they are interested in providing consulting services for; allowing students to explore their interests and utilize their unique skillsets. 

While this is a student-led course, Bill Shuster, and several experienced consultants provide insight as to best practices and industry trends.

Consulting Club

The Consulting Club is an excellent way for students looking to learn more about the consulting process without the semester-long commitment. 

Club members have the chance to hear from experienced consultants from top firms like Deloitte, KPMG, and Accenture. In addition, students have the opportunity to complete workshops and case studies to enhance their understanding of consulting, such as unpacking a case study, communicating with clients, and more.

 Students make valuable connections with experienced professional consultants, faculty in the College of Business, and fellow students with similar interests. Learn more and get involved with the Consulting Club. 

Bill Shuster

Point of Contact: Bill Shuster

CState Consulting Program Advisor

Bill Shuster teaches the course associated with CState Consulting. His years of consulting experience allows him to effectively teach students how to manage their projects and client relationship building.

Kylie Walsh

Alumni Spotlight: Kylie Walsh

Kylie was Secretary of the Consulting Club, and has now continued on to work for Blue Horseshoe as a Management Consulting Analyst. Kylie received her undergraduate degree in Business Administration with concentrations in Supply Chain and Finance. Kylie was extremely involved in the College of Business throughout her undergraduate career, and looks forward to helping current students accelerate in their career.


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