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Consulting Practicum

This course gives students the opportunity to learn consulting strategies within their semester-long group project. These projects are submitted by various organizations that will regularly meet with the students to help supply data, project scope, and confirm ideologies and deliverables. This course is 100% project-based and gives students and provides students with the ability to acquire new skills while networking with like-minded peers and potential employers. 

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Consulting Club

The Consulting Club began in October 2020 as a way for students to explore consulting careers further, enhance their transferable skills, and allow for leadership opportunities. The club has regular guest speakers with consulting backgrounds who share their experiences and tips to successfully market themselves to employers and a rundown of their daily tasks. 

Submit Your Project

By participating in the Consulting Practicum as an organization, you are submitting your project proposal to CState for the purpose of getting assigned a student consulting team for the semester. This experience is different from any internships you have hosted as the students are not there to do entry level work – they are trained to solve complex business problems and create long-lasting value through the use of dashboard creations, process optimization, and many more. 

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CState Consulting Partners

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