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Join Consulting Club to learn from professional consultants who will share their experiences and help undergraduate students position themselves to be competitive in the job market. 

Consulting Club is a great way to get exposed to to the industry without being committed to a job or class. As business students, we know that networking is important, but the real value comes from making meaningful connections. Each meeting allows ample time for individual questions, and many students have been able to remain connected with guest speakers who eventually become a somewhat of a mentor for them. 

Don’t wait to form these connections when you leave CSU – start today! 

Meet the Executive Team

Lauren Whittemore
Lauren Whittemore


Concentrations: Supply Chain Management & Organization and Innovation Management

Lauren oversees all club activities, and strategically plans for the club’s outreach activities while maintaining contact with partners.

Nick Panagos
Nick Panagos

Vice President

Concentrations: Supply Chain Management & Accounting

Nick oversees membership promotions, which includes running the Instagram & LinkedIn accounts and creating promotional material for each club meeting.

Nick Teergarten
Nick Teegarden


Concentration: Finance

Nick oversees the financial resources of the Consulting Club and ensures dues provide enticing benefits for members.

Grant Ogden
Grant Ogden


Concentration: Finance

Grant organizes club meetings, guest speakers, and provides support to officers and members of CState Consulting.

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