What is CState?

CState is composed of the Consulting Practicum and Consulting Club. The Consulting Practicum is a 3-credit, semester-long course that allows students to consult for an organization of their choice. The course is 100% project based – no homework, quizzes, or tests. Our team is prepared for local, global, and virtual projects. We are proud to continue collaborating with students and businesses worldwide.

For students eager to learn more about the consulting profession without being part of the Consulting Practicum, the Consulting Club is a perfect fit. Consulting Club connects like-minded students and faculty, while learning more about the industry from experienced consultants and business professionals.

What Value Will You Gain?

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Transferable Job Skills

Students acquire skills like data analytics, inter-team communication, leadership, and persistence. You will also get exposed to managing long-term projects and researching current business trends. These skills are sought after by employers and require meaningful experiences.

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Apply Specific Knowledge

Students in the consulting practicum come from different concentrations and backgrounds, which means that they all take unique approaches to solving problems. Your individual experiences can help your consulting team analyze a real business problem and find a solution that fits.

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Gain Connections

Students will learn how to facilitate strong relationships with their clients while networking and collaborating with experienced consultants from Deloitte, Accenture, KPMG, and our other partners.

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Add Real Value

The organizations participating in Consulting Practicum have a real business dilemma that they need help solving. Students who have taken the practicum have added life-long value to organizations, which is a rare experience to have in undergrad.

"I highly recommend the Consulting Practicum to anyone interested in taking it. I learned how to work with other professionals that has different styles, and it allowed for a smooth transition into the corporate setting."
Rachel P.
Rachel P.
CState Alum

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